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- Option Pre Assembly Kit ( Not Assembled ) or Fully Assembled

- Includes all the 3D Printed parts ( Total 21 parts )

  ( 8 parts belong to Robot Gripper )

- Includes Robot Gripper ( Fully Assembled )

- Includes all the fasteners, ball bearings,washers,nuts,etc

- Step by Step Instructions ( Example page shown in image )

- ( Bonus ) included for both Pre Assembly ( Non Assembled ) Kits

   and Fully Assembled - you will receive a link to download 

   the complete Project - Details Below


Alpha 3D Robot arm Project ( Zip file Download ) contains the

following files to build the 3D Robot arm on your own.

( Note: Requires 3D Printer with sufficient print bed size to fit some 

  of the larger parts )

  • Complete 3D Cad Model Assembly of Robot Arm

               ( Step Format ) and ( Parasolid Format )

  • Includes all 3D Print files to print on your 3D Printer ( STL format )
  • Includes Step by Step Instructions to build 3D Robot Arm

               ( PDF Color format )

  • Includes BOM List
  • Includes drawings referenced to BOM List for all screws,

               washers,nuts, etc

  • Includes Wiring Instructions
  • Includes Robot Firmware to Modify, Compile and Upload 

               with Arduino software

Links and Gripper Sub Assembly - A1

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