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You can build the 3D Robot Arm on your own or
Purchase Fully assembled or Pre Assembled Kits

Easy to use, reliable, and affordable robotic arm.

Operate your robot with no programming experience.

Robot arm for Personal, Education or Research use. Powered by Arduino 


Customizable 3D Robotic Arm Parts:

AlphaRobotronics provides a flexible modular robotics system to be customized to perform specific particular tasks. With Robotic Arm Assembly Kits, you will be able to personalize and design your robot according to your needs. We at AlphaRobotronics provide DIY kits guiding users about How to Build Robots. Want more details! Contact us now.


AlphaRobotronics offers an intuitive interface allowing you to connect and build different motion sequences to complete the system. Not only this will help plan your automation process more easily but help accurately set the movements of the gripper of a small robotic arm. Additionally, our company offers a lightweight, space-saving desktop robotic arm suitable for small space applications. We also deal with Fully Assembled 3D robot arms which is a good fit for mechanical workbench systems in tight workspaces.


Want to reduce work stress! Buy AlphaRobotronics® control system that comes with easy- to-use techniques.


Robotic Arm Kits Easing The Stress Of Risky Tasks:


Our 4 DOF Alpha Robot Arm is a low-cost option for everyone and you can assemble them for a DIY project or for educational purposes, small production purposes, and for fun tasks also. Even if you have the tasks of CNC work, laser engraving, and even 3D printing, our robotic arm parts can help fulfill your requirements ( Requires programming knowledge ). With our robotic arm kits, you can assemble them as per your preferences. Are you looking for robotic arms for pick and place tasks? Browse our webstie to order your desired robotic arm now.

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